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Summary: My first 'Slashed Movie'! The 1985 movie "Clue", based on the popular board...
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Characters: Steve Hewitt
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Completed: Yes Word count: 17750 Read Count: 0 Published: January 01, 2014 Updated: January 01, 2014
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Updates - May 2015
I've finally gotten around to learning a bit more about the eFic software... I've added a few more skins to choose from and customized a few of them... I've also added Genre, Sexuality, Theme & Warnings as classifications for new stories. Together with updates to the Forum and the rest of the site, this puts SA on the long road towards developing an actual community!
DXM on May 27, 2015 6:02:15 AM
Welcome to eFiction!
Okay, the good news is that the software is installed and seems to work. The not so good news is, that after adding 3 of my stories, it looks like you can't associate more than one character with a story... I'm guessing that means that the summary will be the only way to show character pairings... Oh well, at least the site now has an automated system. Though, personally, I still feel that static web pages are a good thing to have! =)
DXM on January 01, 2014 1:54:13 AM